TellMyPolitician helps you tell your politicians your thoughts the minute you read something online, along with the link to what you read, using the TellMyPolitician Button or Bookmarklet. That’s what the tool is about, developed in the US by a group of people trying to lower the barriers to peoples’ participation in the political process using the internet.

I work in online campaigning in a professional capacity – developing communities of online activists with different (and overlapping) interests, lowering the barriers to participation and empowering people to engage in the political process.

I believe this kind of tool can make an excellent addition to growing number of sites that help Australians more easily engage in the political process. Using the internet for more than 15 years to organise and take action, I’ve enjoyed seeing how the growth and development of the internet, social media and online technologies is giving people greater access to their politicians. And the internet is providing ways of influencing their politicians while connecting with other like-minded people, groups and organisations.

What’s it about?

The premise for Tell My Politician Australia is the same as TellMyPolitician but for Australian internet users.

Consider the things being done through sites like Tweet MP and Open Australia (examples only, there are many others I know) and how this tool can empower people to tell their politicians about issues they care about the minute they read it on their favourite news site, blog, or website.

The best part is that I’ve already secured the source code for TellMyPolicitian. Not that this was so much of a challenge but it did require a few emails.

So what’s the issue?

The big issue is that the code supports the USA’s federal system of politics. And clearly should it be applied to Australia then it will need to be changed to accommodate our political structures.

The other issue is finding others to collaborate with on developing and rolling out Tell My Politician Australia.

What’s required?

Well in short, I need you!

I know it sounds cliched but it’s true.

This project needs many heads and hands to make it a kick ass tool to add to the growing number of Australian online tools empowering people to engage in politics. Plus it would be totally awesome to create smart phone apps enabling mobile users to be able to browse on the go and let their politicians know what they think.

But for starters I think it’s important to speak with and collaborate with some others about how to best develop, re-model the TMP code and to roll out this project. I already have:

  • Current email addresses for Members of the House of Representatives and Senators.
  • Current list of federal electorates and their corresponding postcodes.

Please use the comments section to leave your feedback, thoughts, suggestions, ideas and criticisms (the constructive kind please).

If you want to work on this project please contact me:

Skype: alex.schlotzer

Email: alex.schlotzer[at]


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