alexschlotzer_0-1I love living in such a diverse and vibrant community like Brimbank. I’m passionate about making Brimbank an even better place to live by making Council more open, restoring community services and protecting our environment.

I have a proud history of standing up for workers’ rights and our precious environment.

Council is more than just roads, rates and rubbish. It can help drive Brimbank’s transition to the new economy by encouraging local innovation and development; and by improving community services help improve our quality of life.

I’m standing for Council as a Greens candidate because I want to make a difference and believe we can make Brimbank an even better place to live. The Greens have a strong track record on Council.

I have the courage to act in the community’s best interest and the vision to help make Brimbank an even better place to live.

Vote 1 Alex Schlotzer and the Greens for an open and transparent Council that makes Brimbank an even better place to live.

Find out more about what the Greens and I are standing up for in this year’s Brimbank Council election.

Find out more about the Greens achievements on Brimbank Council.

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