Brimbank recently featured in the state news for the wrong reasons once again.

On Tuesday (15/09) the Victorian state government finally sacked the Brimbank City Council after the state’s watch dog recommended it due to the on-going external influences pervading among the ALP councillors. And this was after the sole Greens councillor called on the state government to sack the council as a result of the Ombudsman’s report into alleged corruption, collusion and nepotism.

But…and it’s a big but too!

An administrator has been installed until November 2012 and there are no guarantees this won’t be extended. (Of course this is entirely persuant to Brumby’s ability to fool the electorate into giving the hapless Victorian ALP another term.) As if being sacked for concerns over ‘external influences’ wasn’t bad enough, Brimbank’s residents now have to endure councillors declaring their innocence and that voters should stand up for them and democracy. It’s laughable that these councillors talk about democracy when they’ve actively excluded voters – not including ‘external influences’ – from consultation on everything.

So where does this leave the good citizens of Brimbank?

It leaves Brimbank’s citizens to the whims of an administrator. For the next three years there will be taxation without representation. For the next three years the decisions of the administrator are final. For the next three years residents and ratepayers will be entirely locked out from questioning the administrator.

Unfortunately for the community many of the hard won gains and measures could be lost to the administrator’s cuts.

  1. Perhaps you’ll luck out and get a benevolent dictator.

    • There would probably be more community consultation and involvement with a benevolent dictator. But it will be interesting to see how the administrator goes about addressing the big issues; and what kinds of services will be slashed.

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