Anyone with half a brain could have worked out that the big controversy for this time of year would be the start of the price on pollution. It’s a particular madness in my humble opinion.

One of the elements in the resurgence in this ‘debate’ has been the so-called impact of the mechanism, despite it only being in effect for a few days.  Already the right whingers are complaining about how people are pointing out the ludricous rhetoric Abbott used in the early days of the carbon price debate. And while it may be too early to tell what impacts the carbon price will have (short and long term), it is clear that the world is not going to come to an end as we know it – well not any time soon.

The most concerning thing immediately for Australian consumers are the rip off merchants.

The Australian Industry Group helpfully pointed out that many Australian businesses are prepared to rip off customers and jack up prices in line with the carbon price beginning. And this was going to happen from day 1 despite the tangible price impacts still yet to be felt by most Australian businesses. The AiG then goes to some lengths to rubbish the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) which are the watchdogs to make sure consumers aren’t being ripped off.

It is clear to me that some businesses are willfully taking advantage of the carbon price to rip off consumers, not to cover increased costs. This is madness and I sure hope that if people feel they have paid too much because of the carbon price take it up with the ACCC. And if you feel you have been sacked because of the carbon price then take it up with your union.

As I’ve pointed out before, one only needs to look at the Queensland, New South Wales and Victorian state government’s demolition of renewable energy projects and emissions reduction schemes to the madness around the price on pollution. This is undoubtedly making it more difficult for the renewable energy sector to grow and secure the investment require to continue to develop and expand. These states are wilfully ignoring the science on climate change and seriously putting their own states’ economies at risk while the rest of the world takes action and makes our exports of coal and gas more expensive and less competitive.

It’s sheer madness that state governments are actively sabotaging their own economies for the sake of an ideological split with the federal government. Regardless of the fact that key senior Liberal figures have all confessed to a preference for a carbon tax.

The Clean Energy Future package is about moving away from being a heavy greenhouse gas emitting nation completely reliant on fossil fuels to a nation that emits low amounts of greenhouse gases. And over time it will require changes here and there to make sure that the legislation achieves the purpose for which it has passed the Australian Parliament.

However the real madness is the fact that there is something I agree with currently on The Punch. Tory Shepherd discusses changing the toxic climate around the carbon price debate. Who would’ve thought!

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