9 Sites to See

9 Sites to See

The Australian sphere of the Internet is ever expanding. There are no doubt countless new sites and blogs being started by Australians each month.

There are some excellent sites and blogs to visit around the Australian web.

There are some good ones and some not so good ones.

But how do you know which ones you should visit and bookmark?

Well I have a few ideas of some great Australian websites and blogs to visit for various things. Sure a few of them probably won’t be to everyone’s liking but I’m sure there’s a few you’ll enjoy. Even bookmark. Or even subscribe to the feed.

1. R@W News Blog: This blog features news and opinion pieces from around the Australian union movement and is run by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU). There are regular pieces from Ged Kearney, the president of the ACTU, as well as intriguing pieces about the future of work, the current industrial landscape and the issues facing Australian workers in an increasingly insecure labour market.

2. The Political Sword: The Political Sword prides itself of putting political commentary to the sword to see if it stacks up. There are always excellent long-form pieces to read and comment on. While it might not be every person’s cup of tea, this site is well worth visiting.

3. Cafe Whispers: This is another blog devoted to political, social and environmental commentary. This particular blog has many contributors and a stable regulars that explore a great variety of topics, as well as the issues debated in the mainstream media. It’s worth adding this blog to your RSS feed.

4. Australian Politics TV: With so many politicians, candidates and even local government councillors are using YouTube to share their messages, TV commercials etc it can be difficult to find them easily. But Australian Politics TV trawls the web looking for Australian politics on video-sharing sites and puts it all in one place. It’s worth checking out, especially if you love your Australian politics – a site worth bookmarking or adding to your RSS feed.

5. The Tally Room: If you enjoy your opinion polls and what the numbers say about various electorates then this site is for you. There is heaps of great information with very detailed maps and guides to electorates. During elections this site is very useful to get an idea about the numbers. There is no lavish commentary other than about the specific nature of the polling in each seat. The site covers national and state/territory elections, as well as provides interesting insights into elections held in other countries.

6. Delimiter: Are you into Australian IT and everything related to it? Well then you’ll love Delimiter. It’s a great site to stay up-to-date on the latest news, views and trends in Australia’s IT industry. There are no doubts about the need

7. ProBlogger: Blogging happens to be all the rage. Seriously. And ProBlogger is an excellent place to go to get great information and insights into making blogging work for you. The site has a commercial emphasis but you can still get a lot out of it even as an amateur or semi-regular blogger. Though if you’re an activist you really should be a regular blogger to support the campaigns you care about.

8. Australian Parliament: As the name suggests this is the home page for the Australian Parliament. It’s recently undergone some updates which I think have helped improve the site’s navigation and user experience. There is a wealth of information available through this website. And you can find out who whether your federal Member of Parliament has a personal website; or have a Facebook page, Twitter account and/or YouTube channel.

9. The Wire: The Wire is a daily current affairs program broadcast exclusively on Community and Indigenous radio stations around Australia. You’ll get a great diversity of programming and there are some excellent insights. If you’re interested in Indigenous Australian issues or want to learn more about the world’s oldest living culture then The Wire will appeal to you.

These haven’t been listed in any particular order and they are only a very, very (I really need to add many more ‘very’s’ but you get the point) small sample of blogs and sites worth checking out. I think they are a pretty good selection of places to visit where you’ll get different information and news, as well as be able to contribute to the various discussions and debates taking place. Okay not with all the sites but you can participate in other ways like calling in talk-back (The Wire) and getting involved in democracy (Australian Parliament).

  1. The admiration is mutual, Alex.

  2. Thanks for the plug, Alex.🙂

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