I spent the past weekend with remarkable groups of people from diverse backgrounds with as diverse experiences and expertise. We had come together for CoMConnect: Exploring Melbourne’s digital future.

CoMConnect (City of Melbourne Connect) was an innovative approach from the City of Melbourne to gather roughly 150 of the city’s biggest digital and creative movers, shakers and thinkers to discuss the digital future of Melbourne. The organisers were very clear that the city is looking to do more with the developing digital technologies to help make the City of Melbourne an even more liveable and sustainable city.

There were many sessions that covered a great deal of topical and practical areas.

Sessions looked at how technology can be used to advance education within the city; how to use data visualisation for art and communication; developing means for measuring and monitoring environmental impacts with crowdsourcing; and, of course, how to use technology to involve people in solving the city’s challenges and decision-making processes. There were so many sessions it was difficult to get to most of them; and it was extremely helpful to hear back from those sessions and some of the ideas people had for the City of Melbourne to consider.

There was an exciting vibe over the two days as people shared ideas and discussed different concepts. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time in each session to really drill down into the ideas being shared, however the discussions did fuel others’ thinking on the topics covered.

It was obvious people made an effort to think about what a digital future for the City of Melbourne could look like.

It will be interesting to see what the City of Melbourne does with all of the feedback, ideas and suggestions provided over the last two days. And judging by the significant amount of contributions made over two days, I’m sure the City of Melbourne has plenty of things to contribute to their digital strategies.

As it happens I’ll be taking the opportunity to using the things I heard over the last two days to publish a post about digital engagement for City of Melbourne’s residents and visitors in the challenges facing the city and in the city’s decision making processes. Look out for that post in the coming week.

I’m interested in hearing what you think a digital future could be for the City of Melbourne. If you don’t live in Melbourne what does the digital future for your city, town or suburb look like? There will be ideas that can be shared across municipality boundaries.

  1. I haven’t quite finished my follow up blog post. It’s taken longer than I thought and mostly for good reasons.

    There were so many ideas came up as I started thinking about the things others had contributed. But it’s close to finished and I hope to publish it over the weekend.

  2. Hey Matt, thanks for your comment.

    My brain is still buzzing too so I know how you feel. There were so many excellent contributions. I’m really excited about how the City of Melbourne responds to CoMConnect.

    Just as a reminder to anyone reading this blog to make sure they check out http://melbournedigitalcity.tumblr.com/ to get more information about CoMConnect.

    Thanks again Matt.

  3. Thanks for the great summary Alex and all your contributions over the weekend. My brain is still buzzing and I’ll need a little time to mentally digest the feast of creative and stimulating conversations!

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